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Instead of just Fury, it says it adds Power and Condition damage based on your adrenaline level. 15 stacks of might for 11 secs at lvl 3. Thats really nice! But wtf, it doesnt work? I just tested it a few times and I’m still only getting fury buff. Can others confirm and if it is broken can Anet fix this pronto!

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We were exploring at making Arcing Slice more interesting to use before the recent patch was released. At one point we added Might to the ability, but it didn’t feel good trading adrenaline (and potentially damage from traits like Berserker’s Power) for just increased damage. It looks like the skill facts were left in when we changed it back to the original state.
In the future, we’re looking at changing Arcing Slice to apply more utility and be less of a damage oriented burst ability, as the weapon has plenty of damage already and not much reason to use the burst.