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Hi there,

I’d first like to mention that I’m overly grateful about how authorizing networks is available to me. I had just received an e-mail stating that there was a network in China trying to access my account and because of that I changed my password right away.

Now, I’ve never written my password anywhere else other than on my OWN computer and never on anything else but to log into the game. I have no key-loggers or viruses of any kind and nobody knows my passwords for anything except me.

I have two questions about this, however, and they are:

- If I receive an e-mail stating I have to authorize a log-in from a network with which I’ve never used before; does that mean I have definitive proof that someone knows my password?

-If someone DOES have my password, then how would that have happened if I am being almost as secure as I can be without using some other way to authenticate?

Unless they just guessed my e-mail and password then I’m pretty confused as to what’s going on with my account.


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Each situation can be slightly different, but with the attempt, you’re wise to change your password. You can find out a lot more on the following security resources:

For questions about E-mail Authentication, see this post.

For questions about Two-Factor (mobile) Authentication, please see our FAQ.

Check out several tips on security.

And for a detailed outline on the subject of security as it relates to Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, please see Mike O’Brien’s article on account security.