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I was actively playing the game when disconnected around 7:30PM on December 17, 2012. Upon attempting to re-login I received this message: Your Guild Wars 2 account has been terminated for modifying or tampering with the game, which is a breach of the User Agreement and Rules of Conduct. This action is permanent.

Wanting some clarification I posted a support ticket at 7:43PM asking what the issue was. I did not type in chat or have a crazy account name or do anything other than dynamic events and farming. Around 6:48AM December 18, 2012 I received a message from support. Almost 12 hours later, which was a disappointment to me but none the less, the support site stated 24-48 hours of turn around time.

After giving them the information they asked for proof of the account, I attempted to re-login now with a new message: We have detected that your account may have been accessed by an unauthorized individual. For your security, further access to the account has been suspended until this matter can be resolved. To restore access to this account, please contact Support and one of our representatives will assist you. I was able to log into my Support Account but no longer could post in the forums. I did notice under security that a different IP was authorized but I was not sweating because it was the same Network but different ending Octets in the IP address. This is the time everyone get impatient and starts flooding posts and threads and trying to figure stuff out. I admit, I did that and it doesnt help. I even replied to the email they sent and also updated the support ticket on the website. When rechecking for a response I noticed the cluttered space where it merged the email reply and the support site reply in the discussion. Very confusing for such a simple ticket.

At 10:42AM December 18, 2012 I received a message stating that I need to login and change my default password that was reset. My account is now accessible again. I know its not the fastest response that everyone wants but it was definitely faster than posted on the support site. I was bitter in the beginning with losing my access but patience has given me an account access restored with no items I can see missing. I am grateful of the security they have put into place and would much rather lose a few hours of playtime then get my account back in 30 minutes and have everything missing.

Just wanted to give a personal thank you and a Happy Holidays to all your staff from me. I appreciate all the hard work you and your team are doing.

Just wanted to share a good news story with everyone about the support of Guild Wars 2 staff.

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Wildmanviper, it was so very nice of you to post this detailed report. Folks do get a bit frustrated when they find their account closed, and who can blame them? Especially since the messaging may be a bit… alarming. “Permanent closure? But I didn’t do anything!” But the messaging, as you accurately deduced, was a general message simply noting that things were locked down (whether being read by you, the legitimate account owner or a hacker).

We’re delighted that you’re back in the game, and pleased that you have benefited from the enhanced security offered by the authorization system.

Have a great Wintersday!