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Not only are there not even 250 charged lodestones for sale right now, but if you even wanted to buy the 220 that are for sale it would only cost 1050g…cuz thats realistic right anet? especially considering that a legendary like the bifrost needs 250 unid dyes…yea thats almost the same… can we at least be told if the plan is to leave lodestones alone and this unattainable price is supposed to be like this or if you will ever actually release an update on the content thats already out before focusing on new garbage..lets not forget the precursor scavenger hunt that might make it here by gw3

my apologies

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Hello everyone.

We will proceed to forward this feedback to the team today. However, rant-like threads do not really set the proper grounds for any meaningful discussion and therefore we proceed to close it. Thank you very much for your understanding.