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Look, im not the kind of person who complains alot about video games. If I don’t like a game i just stop playing. In this case, its not the game I have a problem with, its the awful support that I cant stand. I said nothing when you nerfed my class into the ground. I understand balancing is difficult. However, today i tried to log in and was told that my account was banned for 62 hours. I was given no explanation of why I was banned and when I tried to call arena net to talk about it I discovered they don’t even have a support number. I’m in college and I am not super wealthy. I can only afford to buy maybe 1 or 2 games a year MAX. i have been waiting for GW2 for years and now that I’m done with finals and can finally focus on playing i get banned and cant even talk to a real person on the phone to try and see what happened? This is unacceptable and I am furious at the moment.

Has anyone else had to deal with this crap?

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I really encourage you to contact Support by filing a ticket through the “Ask a Question” tab on that linked page. They will be able to assist you. For tips on what information to provide in a ticket, please read this post.

If you find you still need help after three days, feel free to post in the Tickets for Review thread, which is at the top of this Account Support sub-forum.