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as the title says ive been through everything at this point even support was not helpful i did everything they asked for and in the end they said my computer wasnt compatable and yet ive been playing gw2 fine all these months with no problems right? untill last patch which has been making me disconnect randomly through the day constantly and this final disconnection has gotten my characters all stuck so if i go to log into them to get ingame the client instantly shuts down and tells me to send the crash report to anet and i do.

My exact problem is ever since this last patch things havnt been going well at all and aswell i have alot of guild members with this same problem of disconnecting randomly and the client crashes.

If anyone can help seriously need it figure out how to even remotely fix this or do i have to ask for a refund on the game because i definitly dont wanna quit after all that hard work getting my characters to 80 and fully gearing them. but if i have to then so be it.

I am redownloading the game as we speak to see if it will fix this problem so hopefully it does and i can get back with my friends to playing and if it doesnt then so long its been fun. ill check back in on this in a few to see if i got a reply back from a support member who can actually look more into the problem.

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Please be aware that this is the Account Issues forum, and therefore threads about connection issues are really quite misplaced if they are posted here.

I am glad that your issue is resolved, Lordryux. If you have further problems, please post in the Technical Support Sub-Forum so that someone can help you more directly. I did not willfully ignore this post, but I did want to point out for general information to everyone that this sort of thread should be placed elsewhere (just as Game Bugs don’t belong here, either). Thanks for understanding.