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I got infracted for posting a topic about a guy who is botting, I supplied video evidence and everything. I just dont see why trying to do a good deed by making a topic about the bot is a bad thing and could get my account terminated? That isn’t right. It wasnt an easy bot to spot where he would get very many people reporting him in-game. I feel that if he had only 2 people report him in-game that it would be looked over so there has to be another way to report botters without getting in trouble for it. The character I reported also doesnt always bot. That is the reason why I chose to put it on the forums. It was a rare botting case in such, that he was hard to see unless you watch him for 2 minutes. Maybe we could have a part of the forum to post a topic about a cheater/botter/hacker with video proof and whatever, but when you post the topic only moderators can see it.

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I think was happened was that the report involved naming or revealing the name of the player, and that is disallowed under a “Do not name and shame” rule.

The best way to report and game exploit or an issue of this nature is to send an email to [email protected]

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