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So, first off let me state that last night I had a log-in attempt from an unauthorized network in China and thankfully the system implemented by ArenaNet prevented the hacker from getting into my account and robbing me blind. I couldn’t be more relieved that the email authentication worked exactly as I had hoped and prevented the breach. However, this put me on my toes, as I have never shared this password with anyone and have kept my PC free of any sorts of keyloggers or unauthorized software. So, I decided to beef up my account security and download the mobile authentication as an additional security measure. When I went to go look at my security page, I noticed something strange, an authorized network in California. My first thought was, well maybe this was when I was playing on a tethered network with my brother in law, but I am not entirely certain.

In short, my question is:
Is there a way to remove networks from the “Authorized Networks” listing in Account Security?

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The ability to lock out or remove a IP from your “Authorized Network List” is is a feature that we do intend to offer, and I agree with you: It will be a welcome addition to our security protocols!

In the meantime, those of you seeing odd “approved networks” should feel free to contact Support and a team member will straighten that out for you. If you see a network you did not approve, I strongly encourage you to change your password ASAP and contact Support — that just sounds like something you want to resolve sooner rather than later.

(I’m sorry you got a protracted or inaccurate answer, Arsenic Touch, and I will follow up on that. May I have your ticket number?)