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Hi guys, I have been browsing the mesmer forums alot and realized that most people use sigil of force (+5% dmg) on their main hand weapons and other sigils such as sigil of fire on their OH weaps. Would like to know if the 5% dmg on the sigil scales only with the weapon that its equipped on (the MH weapon in this case), and hence making it crucial that you use this sigil on the MH weap which has more weap dmg, or does it scale with your overall damage, and would not matter which weapon (MH or OH) you use it on.
My MH weapon is currently equipped with sigil of fire and was thinking of equipping my pistol with sigil of force, and hence I would like to clarify this issue. Thanks!

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Perfect, since it seems that the question has been clarified, we proceed to close the thread. Thanks to all of you for your comprehensive contributions!