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Regional FlagLegendary Twilight - 9500g on TPSource
Clark Skinner.4902
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check it

has a change been made?

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Official answer from Support:

“If you’ve found any Legendary items for sale on the Trading Post, this is not
functioning as designed and should not be possible. We would need more information
on what you saw, as well as screenshots to investigate this issue further.”

So it’s a bug or some error in Trading Post.

Hey, guys,

You need to know: Legendaries are not soul-bound until equipped. So they can, legitimately, be sold on the TP. Once equipped, however, they become soul-bound.

I’m sorry that someone got an incorrect answer from Support about this issue. We have identified the ticket and we will begin the beati…. I mean “gently correct the agent who gave the misinformation.”

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Remember that the Legendary-related achievement involves equipping the item, not just getting it. I think that encourages players to equip, therefore keeping a lot of Legendaries out of the marketplace. Just my perception, but something I wanted to share.