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Annoying enough to disconnect in a dungeon, having to walk back all the way through the entire instance (usually due to lack of waypoints)
But to make matters worse in Fractals if you disconnect you cannot rejoin your party?
GW1 had a simple and effective 1 button press to reconnect.
I just got DC while facing the jade maw after doing an hour or 2 worth of work up to it. All for nothing.

We’re aware of the problem and are working on an active fix. Very sorry about this, hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Over a month ago a dev posted this.

Now I know I’m probably not gonna get the loot/fractal lvl up I deserve given to me but I would very much like an update about whats being done about this issue, or at least told why it’s taking so long to be fixed.

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About halfway down I post that this is still an issue. We have had, and continue to have dedicated programmers on this issue. We are working on it.