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So i have had the game for almost a week, and have not even been able to log in… i cant get in at all, every time i put my email/password i get “Invalid” error… as if i was using an account that doesn’t exist. I’ve tried putting in a ticket and I’m not getting more than 1 response ever few days if that -.- I’ve tried resetting my password, I’ve tried doing all sorts of things, and nothing seems to work at all. how ever my friend says that she can add my game info to her friends list, so that much is working, but still, i cant even get past the game clients loggin screen -.- any help here would be hot, thanks =D

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What is your ticket number? I can look into this to try to help.

In the meantime, did you follow all the steps properly through registration? Check out htis link (with video): https://en.support.guildwars2.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/8982