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On my thief character, I deleted the starter Hood (head gear). I did this not thinking at all about the transmute ability and kind of assuming there would be other hoods like it I could get down the road…

is there anything I can do to get that item back? or maybe buy a skin that has the same appearance for a medium headgear item? is this something that a ticket could get restored to my character?

I didn’t want to waste supports time if it’s just a tough luck situation, which I would understand as well….

anyway thanks for any input you can offer.


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Hello everyone.

Aarioch, you can certainly try the solution Bluestone is giving to you and hopefully that works. If not, understand that this was a human mistake and nothing related to a bug or error inside the game and therefore Customer Support will not proceed to make a roll-back.

We proceed to close the thread now.
Thanks for your understanding.