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I have two GW2 accounts. My first one was banned twice, and my second account banned once. My girlfriend’s account was banned once today. As of right now, my first account has been restored, second account still banned, and my girlfriend’s account still banned. Both banned accounts are accused of real money trading, which we clearly did not engage in.

I have been really tired sending in tickets after tickets to see my accounts get banned then restored, then banned again. The first time I was banned, was at the launch of Lost Shore, now me and my girlfriend is banned again during Wintersday. It seems that we were always banned at the unluckiest of time when we want to enjoy the in-game events.

Here are the some of the tickets I have sent in regarding my bans (one of them my girlfriend’s):
121113-002936 – restored
121212-000045 – restored
121218-002117 – waiting
121220-000977 – waiting

I know the tickets are not 3 days yet old, but it’s really tiring to keep sending emails back and forth with the Anet staff regarding these bans constantly. I spent my time playing the game, worrying when will I be banned again. I also spent alot of time checking my email for responses, typing out tickets and sending it. I read another post on this forum about this one guy who got banned multiple times too. Is it just my IP that got flagged for bans?

I really do hope a more thorough investigation can be done.
Please help, thank you!

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Hello Bob.

We totally understand the frustration that goes along with these episodes of banning. However, understand that Customer Support are the only ones that can help you and your girlfriend and that you need to give them a little bit more of time till your accounts get restored again. You say that the tickets are not 3 days old so we ask you to wait a little bit more. If they go unanswered, then proceed to post the reference number in the sticky on top of the subforum and they will be looked into.

Thanks you very much.