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So I save up 10 Pristine Fractal Relic to buy same ring i hade the red ring of death, Cus what both my rings to have the same status, so today I got it

Then I found out the hard way ofter soulbounding it u can only have 1 of the same rings.

I am sorry to say this is a no go for me, No where its say u can only have 1 ring of ea so fine this very kitten.

Plz do somthink about this( make ring account bound or make so I can have my 2 rings!!!!)

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Each ring is unique. Anything with the “unique” description on it means that you can only equip one of those things on a character.
The Red Ring of Death is the offensive infusion version of a ring. There is another one with the same stats but with a defensive infusion that you can equip with the Red Ring of Death since it is a different ring.