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Let me start with a question in the AMA with Chris Whiteside:

46. Are we going to see an increase to the regularity of community communications, like a weekly newsletter? Is it possible to have more direct involvement with fansites or non-commercial sites with this increase of information flow? A regular release of insights and info may help relieve some of the need to do a 10 hr AMA in the future.

“i love the goal here and it is an area i have been thinking about a lot today. Specifically a more frequent conversation between the community and the team. Still brainstorming around it, so watch this space.”

This is just my take on what the game needs badly right now.


Unless it is a common belief from the company as a whole that the forum community is an unimportant minority then i do feel we deserve to have some overdue questions answered. There are some very, very active threads out there which people are trying to keep alive, in order to pass a point across. We do know the point is made and that it is read. Moderation is strong in the forums, so someone definitely reads these threads. But for a reason unknown to me, answers are very very selective.

Where are the answers? Where are the patch notes regarding buffs, nerfs, changes in mechanics? What we get is a very very abstract representation(if any) of what we see in the game. Show us more details, let us theorycraft about the things we love in the game.

Where is your long lost communication on the forums?

And most importantly: Where is your transparency?

Thanks for the Mod.

I would wish to specify my concerns and would like others to also do that but i don’t want this post to be merged under a thread 10-20 pages long since this will render it practically unreadable.

Who ever posts below, please be constructive. This is not a whine with cheese and wine post
EDIT: Changed the title to be more relevant to the subject

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Hi All,

Thanks for your feedback. I am currently out of the office and return in the New Year, at which time i intend to do another Q and A with the community. In the interim rest assured that we constantly look at the forums, evaluate feedback, discuss opinions and work toward many of the issues and suggestions communicated therein. We very much appreciate both your feedback and support, as it is integral to the evolution of the game and our relationship with you all as a community of people that care very much about Guild Wars 2.

I am looking forward to getting the chance to connect with you all again soon. Until then i hope you are enjoying the Wintersday Celebrations and the holiday season in general.