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Stuff you don’t need to know:
I have owned a Vista for about 6 years and I know the system has more issues than it’s worth – usually I can find a way around issues or coax the program into working for me, either by running the program in compatibility mode or running it as admin. I have two Windows 7 computers which both have Guild Wars 2 on them and usually play with my mother or sister with no issues other than my firewall having a hissy fit occasionally. As I am at my grandma’s house though I am forced to use one of my two Vista laptops. I’d like to be able to do some of the Christmas events with my mom while I’m gone in case we don’t have time later.

Actual issue:
As I left my GW2 installation CD at my house, I’m using the Gw2Setup.exe. After the first 10 mb or so downloads it will disappear for a second, reappear and ask for permission to continue to install. After I allow it, the Guild Wars installation window stays still for a minute, then minimizes, and the program will seem to continue running, but as the icon stays the name next to it in the taskbar area disappears.
I’ve attached a picture of my system information, along with a useless picture of the program not working.
I have disabled my firewall and am running the program as an admin. I can also say the problem is not my internet connection.

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Hi Signaling Fire – From the symptoms that you’ve described and after looking at your system specs, this appears to be a result of your processor and onboard Intel chipset not meeting the minimum requirements to play.

I’m unable to see the driver date for your Intel card, though I would recommend updating to the latest Intel video drivers to see if this has any affect on the issue. I have provided a link to Intel’s Driver Update Utility which should locate the latest drivers for your system for you:


Please understand, however, that ultimately this issue may not be resolved due to your system not meeting the minimum requirements.