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Sup guys. I just installed Win8 Profesional x64. Everything works great, even Gw2, except one thing. I cant click the menues, or items, also i cant select different characters becose its like my mouse pointer is not where i see it is… i mean, i hv the pointer pointing at something i want to click, but it seems its not really there, so i cant click it.

Any idea why is that?.

My mouse works fine in windows and other applications, this problem is just with Gw2 (before i installed win8, was working fine with gw2)

My mouse its a CM Xornet -> http://www.hitechreview.com/uploads/2011/10/Cooler-Master-CM-Storm-Xornet-gaming-mouse.jpg

Edit: The mouse has no special drivers, u just conect it, and thats it.

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Hi HellKrasher – One thing you could try is typing in “mouse” in your search bar, click the mouse icon in the Control Panel, and once there disable “Pointer Trails.”

Hope this helps!