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I am normally not the person to rant, but this, really. So I spent a quite large sum of money AND a long time (coming from a student who also works) on the game, lvling a single character to 80 and accumulating some items for use. Then I ‘dare’ go on an expedition from College (Marine archeology, very interesting) in which I FOR ONCE left my laptop at home.
I come back to see, oh my cousin has spent the time randomly making characters and deleting them as well as mine on MY account. So the first thing I do is complain on Forums (grin), then I make a support ticket explaining it all.
*I just came back from my holiday a few days ago and noticed that my account was compromised. However, my cousin admitted to have been the cause of this dilemma.

Not only did he delete my character, but also sent another ticket to you asking about restoration and rollback. (I have closed it now and hope it has not caused trouble for you.) However, I would like to have my character back and I believe the incident occurred after Dec. 01, so it should be possible to restore the data.

Since I don’t know which methods of verification you use, I can offer to attach a copy of my passport (with name and age which are the same as registered with the account). Unfortunately I also had to reinstall windows on my computer and thus my screenshots got lost as well. (I could also prove this I suppose.) I also still have the serial number (Which I am including in this mail).

Please let me know if you require further information and details on the matter at hand.*

The response was an automated E-mail and I felt like “huh”, so I answered to the ticket saying I still need their answer.
*As none of the steps in your automated response apply to my problem, here is some additional information. The deleting happened approximately about at the same time as the first ticket was created. (Dec 11)

Furthermore I want to explain that I never shared my account with anyone, but that my password might be easy to guess for family members as it (basically) is my birthday (slightly modified). I have been using it for a while in numerous different games, and never had any problem. It is also the same as my E-mail and Support password. I find that easier because at times I find it hard to remember things and normally take my laptop with me on travels too, only this time I failed to do so.

Hoping for a soon answer, because I would very much like to participate in the Christmas event.*

And after this I get a response from Anet (finally) saying:
After reviewing the game logs, I was unable to determine that the account was accessed by an unauthorized individual. As a result we will be unable to offer any restoration for this incident. In the future, I suggest that you not share your account information with friends or family.

Alright, I am really angry and very disappointed by ANET now, because apparently the Tech did not even read my ticket. I stated clearly, that I did not share just that the password is easy to guess.

And how am I supposed to prove ‘unauthorized access’ if it’s been done from MY laptop with MY connection? Excuse me, I do have extended family who live with me. Oh my God?

I can’t probably spend another four weeks trying to lvl a character to 80, never mind all the items and gold I collected. Very disappointed and still hoping that Anet will see sense.

Grateful for any suggestions you might have. :/

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We do not have a means of knowing the details of this situation. The account holder left his account in a vulnerable position and is asking us to restore an account that may or may not have been accessed by someone else. As pointed out above, such requests have also come from those who purchase keys, open chests, then claim a “Hack” and ask for a restoration so they can try the keys again for better loot. I do not believe that is what happened here, but our team must adopt and act within policies that apply to the community as a whole, and there is no way we can ever tell what happened, except that the “hack” cannot be verified through any means at our disposal.

Whether you intended to or not, you did indeed share your account, through access to the account data, whether a saved password or one that, you readily admit, was easily guessed.

I am very sorry for what happened but we will not be able to remedy this situation. Obviously, you should change your password and ensure that no one has access to your computer again, if there is any way that doing so also gives them access to your game account.