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Regional FlagI received a Black Lion Chest in in-game mail. Why?Source
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hey all, anybody had this before not to sure what iv missed out on or received this for..

it was a mail with an unlocked black lions chest in.

i did report some botter’s the other day you think its a thank you for doing that?

see attached.

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Over the weekend of December 15th, a problem developed where a small number of players who unlocked Black Lion Chests received two rather than the intended three items per chest. The issue was corrected with a build on Monday and all chests are functioning properly now.

To ensure that players get all their chest rewards, we checked to see who opened Black Lion Chests and was affected by this issue during the period in question. If your account was affected by this issue, you were on this list. Therefore, we sent you one or more Black Lion Chests via in-game mail.

Hope that clears it up.