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ok so i got 9 opened black lion chest in mail sent by a customer support team, saying that i lost something in my char(or in my alts) but when i doubled check my character’s inventory including my alts, i didnt lose any items at all?? so can any devs tell whats that for? or was it just a accidental part of the customer support team…. i hope i get an answer here asap thank you and good day.

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Sure I can tell you what this is about. You see, over the weekend of December 15th, a problem developed where a small number of players who unlocked Black Lion Chests received two rather than the intended three items per chest. The issue was corrected with a build on Monday and all chests are functioning properly now.

To ensure that players get all their chest rewards, we checked to see who opened Black Lion Chests and was affected by this issue during the period in question. We discovered your account during that investigation so we sent you the Black Lion Chests via in-game mail.

No worries — it’s all good!