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Hello everyone.
Recently I created a Sylvari Necromancer and I’ve been going along with the story line just fine, until now. At level 19 I got a quest called “Eye of the Sun” and it involves Trahearne, Caithe, and one of the twins (Pallam? I think) trying to save Arlon (the other twin) from this evil tribe of Hylek. Things go just fine but every time I reach the boss battle a cutscene plays where I guess Arlon is supposed to appear captured by these Hylek. Only problem is, he isn’t there. And after killing the boss and his mob the next objective reads “Check to see if the twins are okay.” or something. There’s no star on the mini map or any indication of what I’m supposed to do. I’m guessing it’s because Arlon doesn’t load up at all. Either way I sent a bug report and I was wondering if any one else had the same problem and if they were able to get around it.

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Search the small cells, the cutscene shouldn’t care if he’s spawned or not.