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I’ve reserved certain names for my characters during the headstart access of this game. One of them, being an inside joke, “Cak”.

Fast forward a few weeks after the headstart access, and my engineer, “Flaccid Arousal”, got a name ban. That’s understandable.

Everything was going fine and dandy until today, when “Cak”, “Peen Fiend”, and “Saggy kitten” were all name banned

So up until now I’ve got 4 name bans. I only care about one though, Cak. I’m known around sPvP with that name, and I’d very much appreciate it if could be un-banned? Could I at least talk to whoever hands out these name bans? I’m certainly not offending whoever sees these names, other than making them smile.

EDIT: Most of them don’t even go through the forum filter for vulgar words

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I’m really sorry, but the word is found on several dictionaries as a reference to… um… a body part that we just don’t allow in the game. I’d just let it go and come up with something that isn’t like to raise alarms amongst the players or team members.