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There’s been a huge hole in the communication from the Devs and I think I’ve found the reason why.

We really need them to copy paste what they are posting elsewhere and post those things here so people more readily have available information about their problems.

I’ve seen posts on Reddit, Twitter, FB …..everywhere else but here about the concerns of the game and people are in the dark entirely about it. Please copy/paste your future plans into these forums as postits so that we can understand what’s happening.


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Twitter and Facebook are primarily there to casually engage with community members who may not like the forum format and prefer social networks. The Twitter and Facebook profiles are often used to direct people to customer support and not for soliciting game feedback. Developers do not post on Facebook and Twitter; only community managers manage the Twitter and Facebook profiles. Twitter is often used for emergent status update, such as relaying information when events are unfolding quickly with the game, but most major information (such as update notes) is flowing from the forums.

Developers and community managers do not participate on Reddit on a regular, official basis. The team may have held organized and scheduled AMAs there in the past, but these events are akin to the live chats and interviews we do with fansites and media sites.

Hope that clarifies things.