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I’m a charr aligned with the Vigil currently doing ‘The Steel Tide’ (Level 80) quest, and currently have the objective to use the tanks to stop the counter-attack.

However, whenever I use my tank… it bugs out (?)
As in, the cannon is completely to the left or right, and when I move it, it moves 3 times and then I am removed from the tank and have no control over it.
One I am removed, my character just jumps on the same spot like my game is having a seizure.

I try to enter the tank again and the cannon is now on the opposite side.

This doesn’t seem normal, and I hope it isn’t coded to happen this way, cause nothing is happening and it’s just not doing the story piece at all.
I’ve been attempting it for the better part of 15 minutes prior to writing this.

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It’s a known bug, you don’t NEED to use the tank, there are also mortars you can use. The story objective is actually based on killing X Risen giants, so you don’t need to try and defeat the entire dead army by yourself.