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So recently, I was grinding as normal. I stumbled upon a player who said to be of Chinese origin, and their English showed it. They asked to join my guild, naturally, i invited him in. There was like a 5 minute period where he was idle, then he responded with, “IM SORRY MY ENGLISH IS BAD I CANNOT READ” then" THANKS -_-" Naturally, i just brushed it off and continued playing. When i logged out tonight to check my email and get ready for bed. I got ALOT of notices that my accounts were being accessed but not successfully logged into. This struck some serious fear in me and i only managed to change the account password of my GW2 email. Going back through my chat logs, i got his IP, which as my topic titled suggest, was from China. My question to the GW2 security team, is what they are doing to assure that people cannot get this type of information.

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Hello everyone.

IPrime xPhantom, the team works constantly to assure that your accounts are kept safe. We rely on the information you guys provide us with your tickets to enhance the system; we would ask you to send a ticket, therefore, if you have not done it yet.

Also, as already indicated here, it would be better if you could remove the player from the guild, as a precautionary step. The password change was a correct movement; you also have the two authentication systems in order to add an extra security layer to your account.

We close the thread now. Thanks for your understanding.