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Regional Flagi was hacked and they took all my goldSource
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i dont know where to post this so im posting it here i have 2 paid for guild wars 2 accounts i have spent a lot of money in the cash shop i went to log on today
and i could not after finally getting my password reset i log on to see all my toons are out of order as in last played i went to my bank and about 15 gold is gone i only have like 8 bronze in the bank now i have told support but have got nothing back i really hope they can restore my gold or refund me for both guild wars 2 accounts as i will no longer want to play if someone can just come in and take what i worked for and paid for with real cash and nothing is done about it i know they must keep logs of everything you do in the game and i would have to think who ever hacked my account sent it to his or someone he knows account i had so much faith in guild wars but as of now im feeling ripped off and like i did nothing but waist time and money i have had 3 of my friends sign up for guild wars 2 i realy hope they can make this make this right can anyone tell what arena net has done for this situation?

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Hello there, Gorgorouth.

We have an Account Issues subforum where this would for more appropriately. In any case, you need to send a ticket to Customer Support as soon as possible in order to report this hacking episode. Follow these instructions so you can provide Support with a thorough report.

Also, Customer Support is able to revert your account to a point prior to the compromise incident as long as the compromise took place on or after December 1, 2012, and if it meets the qualifications of the restoration process: check this page for more information.

We recommend always to use very special and unique passwords and also use the two authenticator systems that we have, in order to add an extra layer of security to your accounts.