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Hello ~

I was playing all day yesterday with no issues. I then got a “New Build game will restart after 3 hours…” message, and after my instance run, I logged out to patch the new build and upon finish, I attempted to login. I got to the character screen just fine and even logged in at first seemingly with no problems. I took a few steps in game and the client froze. I tried logging in again, and this time it froze before even loading. I had this happen to me at launch, too, but at that time I could at least login with other characters. Now it freezes at the loading screen with any character I attempt to login.

Are there any steps I can take to get a successful login? Thanks in advance!

Edit: I’m new with these forums here, so I apologize now if this was the wrong place to post!

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Perfect!! We are glad to hear this and to know that you are back in Tyria again.
To all of you, thank you for your answers and suggestions.

We close the thread now.