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Hey guys,

I have 3 characters on Northern Shiverpeaks and I wanted to start a new one to play with a friend on Isle of Janthir. Do I need to do a world transfer in order to play with her, or is there any other way to keep my 3 on the Northern Shiverpeaks server while being able to make a new one on the Isle server?

I read transfers are free every 7 days now, but when will that end?


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Hello everyone.

Jedius, yes, you should do a transfer now. Please note that once you transfer, all your characters are transferred to that server. It is just impossible to have some of them in Shiverpeaks and in Janthir at the same time.

We will keep you informed beforehand, should a change occurs concerning the free transfer per week and/or the guesting feature.

Thanks for your patience!