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So all of a sudden I’m being forced to change my Guardian’s name Miss Sugar Thighs. I don’t get what is offensive about this name, not to mention I’ve had it for years in Guild Wars 1 (in which the name has been allowed up to this very minute, though I have no doubt anet will swoop down on it now I’ve mentioned that).

Reference sexual acts or real life violence. No even close.
Are pornographic. Nope
Make inappropriate references to human anatomy or bodily functions. Also, nope. Why is it ok to have sugary knees or lips, but not thighs?

I already reported a ticket, but please be more tolerant Anet. I NEVER had any complaints about my name in all my years of playing GW1 and my time in GW2.

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Hello to everyone.

There is not much we can do from the forums regarding this issue, Miss Sugarific. If you have already appealed to Customer Support then you only need to wait for their answer. We will forward your concerns to the team in any case.

Now we are closing the thread. Thanks for your understanding.