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I’ve been surfing through the net about some MMO’s that are available on PS3 and are coming to PS3 and found this:



They are somewhat old posts, but still, i’m wondering, what’s the deal with that?
I mean, it’s on Gamespot, i’m not saying that automatically means it’s true, but they probably wouldn’t spread rumors without at least some arguments.

Is GW2 for PS3 really in development? If so that would be awesome to be able to play with players from PC and from PS3. Unless of course, like Dark Souls, they don’t make them 2 separate games and servers, so that PS3 players will only be able to play with PS3 players and not PC…

Of well, if that’s even true… Is it? Are they making it for PS3?

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Hello everyone.

As Dicellol says, there are currently no plans for a console port.