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At the moment the Orrian part of the personal story seems to consist more of waiting for patches than anything else. Recent issue:
The quest “Conscript the Dead Ships” gets stuck at the objective “Clear the final Dead Ship of Risen” due to a complete lack of Risen. Additionally you still (or again?) get dropped off on this very ship instead of the boat with the rest of the squad after the cutscene, but that bug is harmless when compared to the new one that completely blocks mission progress.
Maybe the problem that the enemies on the final ship never spawn has something to do with the fact that Elli and her hologram spaz out on the second to last ship (both permanently running in small circles near the not-so-undead-anymore Captain Yejj) and can not be made to cross the plank to the last one (which is quite likely a condition for spawning the enemies). Resetting the mission does not help, the outcome stays the same.

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I’m looking into this, but I cannot reproduce the issue at all, so it’s a tricky issue. The same trigger that builds the 3rd gangplank also activates the last group of undead, so it shouldn’t be related to the NPCs’ behavior. I’m also not sure why it’s dropping you on the last ship, my best guess is that you might have longer-than-usual load times? The player is teleported to a few different locations during the cutscene to make sure everything loads correctly, and the point on the last ship is one of those teleport points, so it’s aborting the script for some reason. (It teleports the player from ship to ship, basically, until you’re on the lifeboat with the rest of the NPCs.)