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Hey guys! I know that there was a post in the bugs forum about… 2 months ago concerning Brute Force I believe.

The issue is that there is an objective in the quest where you find the survivors, and then have to hold out against several risen waves and ‘defeat the undead attackers’. Unfortunately after a few waves the mobs stop spawning and there is no updated objective. It simply remains at ‘defeat the undead attackers’. According to wiki at this point the objective should update, but it doesn’t

One of the suggested workarounds was to quit the mission and re-enter the instance. Although I have done this 3 times and it’s not worked.

It’s on my level 21 Engineer, and I notice it happened on the first two occasions after the exploding risen mob wave put me into downed state. Don’t know if that’s related, because on the third attempt I killed them and the mobs still stopped spawning. The objective didn’t update.

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I’m unaware of any bugs, the undead waves trigger as you kill each one, so the best I can guess is that an enemy was hanging out somewhere.