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Hi, my friend finally purchased GW2 at my bequest and she finally installed it and loaded it today. However, after registering the game, via serial code, name, birthday, display name, and getting a registration confirmation e-mail… she tried to log into game.

Apparently her user name/password was not working.

She had since submitted a ticket. But I recall that it should be easy to change password as long as you have your username (e-mail), your serial code from the box, and your character name.

Problem is, under the forgotten password recovery page, you need a character name, but that hasn’t worked for her since she doesn’t have a character yet…as she hasn’t been able to log into game to create a character.

This is really perplexing, as I have been strongly advocating this game for her, as with others. This is one of the first times myself and my guildmates, and many on my server (duriny beta and earlier release) have come across this problem… what can we do to remedy it?

Her ticket info is…[Incident: 121220-000770], I think. She has submitted a ticket, but now she can’t even log into her support account. She is having serious issues, and coming from World of Warcraft, she keeps asking me if there is a number she can call for live customer support. Anything like that at all?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I see she contacted Support by filing a ticket through the “Ask a Question” tab on that linked page?

And according to the ticket, this was resolved yesterday and she is back on her account.