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In the words of Forest Gump…That’s all i have to say about that. # startdisscusion (unless someone already made said discussion then a link to said discussion would be appreciated)

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The fact that we do not offer wide-spread phone support is not related to costs so much as efficiency. We have agents working around the clock, 24/7/365. It wouldn’t be feasible to offer phone support on that same level from both a cost standpoint as well as a use standpoint. (The volume of calls falls off at 5:00 AM. )

The efficiency point I’m trying to make is that you can submit a ticket at any time and it will be read, escalated, reviewed, referred, queued — whatever it requires — more quickly than a single phone call would allow. Plus, we found that where we could address an issue in X minutes via a ticket, it took two to three times that long on a phone call.

Having said all that, I do hope that we will be able to offer phone support. I believe that having more ways for our players to reach us would be a very good thing, and I have brought this up and advocated for it on a regular basis. We will see what the future holds, but I know that offering live chat or telephone support is definitely not “off the table” as far as each being a possible future support option.