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I am a former GW1 player. My brother was interested in playing GW2 (and I was not), so as a holiday gift, I purchased GW2 for him and merged it with my GW1 account (all under my NCSoft master account and email address). I did this so that he could gain the bonuses from my Hall of Monuments.

My brother has slowly convinced me to try GW2. Will I be able to purchase another game account and connect it to the same email address, or do I need to crete a new email address / NCSoft account and register there? Note: I do not care about the HOM bonuses, so i am not asking if two accounts would gain the bonuses. I am simply interested in keeping two GW2 accounts under one email address / master account.

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First, I’m glad that you are not asking about the HoM because, as you noted, by merging with your brother’s account, you have permanently lost your own Hall of Monuments. That is to say, we cannot remove the HoM from the one account and link it to a second.

It’s great that you want to join Guild Wars 2. I think you’ll love it! To do that, though, you will need to use a completely new email address for your account, that it cannot be the old address for Guild Wars because that one is linked to the GW2 account that your brother is playing. You’re welcome to contact Support for more details but I think you’ll want your own new everything, to keep things tidy and separate.