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I see a lot of people complaining about this and saw some of the insane burst available using it while dueling so I tried it out.

At first I couldn’t replicate it but found that if you are able to (via being twitch or awesome) do your Shatters in a specific order and all while 3 clones were active or created after this first shatter, that you can get 20+ stacks of might and a pretty nuts AOE combo. The target of which is confused, dazed while you evade dmg.

I’ll be honest here, I hate playing Mesmer when asked. I can see why people ask though since this combo is ridiculous.

Not sure of a suggested fix but 3 stacks per clone per shatter is a little much.

PS. You only burn one utility to do the combo if you are twitch enough. My Area of Concentration Resulted in an Obvious way to do it.

Thank you for reading.

PS. Buff warriors

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@ Mesmer: We’ll be addressing the current Mesmer build that’s spiking for insane damage. Sorry that change got through – it is something we’ll be fixing.

@ Macros: Macros are against the user agreement. You can be banned for using them, so use them at your own risk. I would also advise against using them, because in live tournaments, you won’t be able to use macros. So it makes little sense to learn “bad habbits” you’ll just have to retrain later.

We adhere to the same “one keystroke = one action on one character/account”, which is used by a lot of MMO publishers when defining botting/macros.

Just wanted to clear that up – be careful w/ those macros, they can get you banned.