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My friend who is not great with computers, loves games like this. He is 59 and has some trouble getting setup with everything. I told him last night about the deal for 45 dollars and he bought it right away.

He attempted to access the trial account during holloween but it was just at the end so he couldnt get in. When he bought the game last night he logged into his created account and added the code that was sent to his e-mail, but now it says he is not logging in with the correct password or login name.

I am going to his house later today to try to help him but how could I get him setup. I dont know what he did exactly last night as we were on the phone, but he really needs this to help him get away from some of the hard things going on in his life.

If there is anyway we could get in contact with costumer support and maybe talk to someone rather than submit a ticket that would be great, he lives kinda far from me, and I dont want to make 2 trips if one is good enough. Anet please help my friend he is a good guy and I know this will help him greatly.

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Our Support Team will be happy to help, but the person who owns the account must submit the ticket. So please help him through the process of support.guildwars2.com, and then “Ask a Question” and a team member will help him.