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Regional FlagUnfair ban for buy/sell gold pls help!Source
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My girlfriend account had been banned for 4-5 days for suspect of selling/buying gold.

I’ll like to clarify that this is not e case. She merely sent me her gold to me to help her with transaction of items in the TP as she’s not familiar with the game. We earned our every single cent through hardwork and dedication. She had never send anyone gold beside my account.

I understand that a lot of ppl are facing e same issue as me and im sure neither any one of us would repeat the same mistake if we were to be given a second chance.
Any way, in the first place, who would have thought it was illegal to send XX amount of gold when the mail feature does not forbid us?

My gf and I have invested over few hundred of hours and 100 over dollars in this game. I urged you to check through her account again I’m 100% sure that we did not sell or buy any gold.

We sent multiple tickets and even posted in the 3days thread however no reply was given. Its really making us desperate so Ive no choice but to write here. Hope you guys can look into the matter and gives us a reply soon.

Ref: 121220-000489

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Anet bans people for mailing gold to players. Why? Because gold sellers do that too. Just don’t do it.

This is not true. Players mail gold to other players all the time without negative consequence.

The details in this case must have been extraordinary, and the team will look into the matter and resolve it in the best way possible,

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can u please go to my thread and my ticket too please? 121221-003023

This is two days old. Please post in the Tickets for Review thread if you do not have an answer by closed of business tomorrow. Thank you.