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Hi, I am writing in reference to the repeated banning of my cousin’s account xenic.4126 for botting which happened AGAIN after a false positive ban few months ago.

He has submitted support tickets regarding the mistaken ban and the support staff has yet to give him a reply. He’s already been banned for 2 days + without any notice or clarification.

I would really like to know how your team found evidence of him botting at all cause I am 100% certain that he does not use, nor have any knowledge of how to run bots. He was also mistakenly banned previously during the crackdown on botters.

I understand Anet’s zeal in cracking down botter accounts and stuff, and we appreciate that. However, we are players who actually report botters that we see running around the map and are definitely not in use of any bots or any cheating software etc. We are great fans of GW2 and we play every night together doing dungeons, exploration and completing dailies.

I wish to know how did he get banned for botting again as I am 100% positive that he does not use any bots, nor have any idea how to run a bot program, we are not that tech-savvy tbh.

Hence I am writing this post in hopes that Anet would look into this matter and unban him in due time before he quits the game in frustration. (i hope not!!)

We are really looking forward to playing tgt during this winters break!!
Thank you for reading this post & I wish the matter can be resolved promptly.

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“Extended unattended play” means using a bot, that is, having the bot program “play” the game while you’re sleeping, at school or work, away from the computer, etc.

There is some pretty sophisticated tracking programming to detect this, and two false positives is very unusual, but the support team will review and sort it out.

By the way, it doesn’t take a lot of “tech savvy” to run a bot. It only takes the will to make undeserved gains and the willingness to breach the User Agreement, to cheat. I am not at all saying your cousin did that, but while creating a bot may take technological knowledge, and programming anti-bot software takes a great deal of sophisticated knowledge, running a bot generally takes neither.