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So earlier tonight I ran into a player who was hanging out in the Brisban Wildlands, in the area where you collect oozes or change the pigments of Hylek. He was hanging back while other people killed the oozes, and then rushing in to steal the ooze globs before the person who was fighting them. Then he would hold the ooze and jump around in front of the person who had been trying to get it. Eventually he would throw the ooze away because he didn’t need to cash it in, and repeat. When I asked him to stop, he followed me around, slashing his sword (ineffectually) at me, and yelling about how he was genetically superior before eventually telling me “Peace, chump!” as if this somehow excused his behavior. I told him that I was blocking him, and he proceeded to follow me around until I ported to a new location.

There’s not really a category under the report player section for this sort of behavior. How should we be handling this?

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Hello everyone.

Jeckcrow, it is true that we do not have a specific report tab for this kind of behaviour but of course we do encourage the players to report these attitudes, as they do not bring anything good to the community. All incidents of in-game harassment should be reported to our Customer Support team using the in-game ticketing system. Just like we don’t permanently ban anyone on the forums for first time offences, the same goes in-game. The more you report, the better the game world will be.