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My dad was supposed to put in our new video card today but he came late from work, my mom is going to take the computer to a store near her work tommorow. I know I may sound spoiled but honestly i’m not,if anything I’m the opposite(my dad is a taxi driver and my mom works at a bakery,we’re lower middle class)
Im gonna play a Charr Thief mainly because that’s what my roleplay character basically was in Runescape lol. I’m gonna start playing in 5 days maybe since I’m gonna be at my cousins for the rest of the week. I’ve played the game at my friends house mad times(last time was friday) and just saying, the game is far from dead.
So what should be the first thing I do after I’m done that starting kitten.

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Hello everyone.

Just a quick message to welcome you to Tyria, InfamousILL, and hope you enjoy your days here. Also, I proceed to move your thread to the subforum Players helping players, where you may find more suggestions and tips made by the people.