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I want to use “Fine Transmutation Stones” (level 80) to transfer the look of culture armor and keep the stats of level 80 karma gear or some other armor down the line. Basically keeping the culture gear for a “skin” of the good armor stats. Will this effect runes already placed into the karma gear?

I like the look of Charr culture gear but the level and stats on them are far to low for level 80.

If I decide (or better armor comes out in a few months, never know) could I use the “restated” culture armor to keep as a skin for the newer gear?

Sorry for so many questions, gw2 wiki is vague on explaning them thoroughly and I need a 100% answer before dumping loads of karma or gold for skin gear.

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Hello everyone.

Perfect, since the answer has already been given, we proceed to close the thread.
Thanks for your contributions!