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I play with my friends on Tarnished Coast, a max population server. One of my friends g/f just bought the game, and since Tarnished Coast was full when she created her first character, she was forced to play in another server. My friend then left Tarnished Coast to join her. My other friends and I would have no problem leaving to join them, except for the certainty that we would never be able to join Tarnished Coast again.

We like Tarnished Coast, but there are no real ways to play the game from start to finish with players from other servers.

There should be a way to choose to join an overflow server and play each and every area with your friends.

An Unhappy Player from Tarnished Coast

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Hello Apokriphos.

Although it is true that Tarnished Coast is a very popular server and it registers a very high peak of population, it is not overall impossible to get in there and we do get reports of players that keep on trying to get in and eventually they succeed (trying different times a day, of course, with a great deal of patience… which we understand can be rather frustrating). If you feel your suggestion can improve the game, please proceed to open a thread in the Suggestions subforum.

We close the thread now.
Thanks for your understanding.