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As of the last patch there has been a significant increase in FOTM disconnects. In the last 2 days I have lost at least one member of each fractal run I’ve attempted. I’d say about 8 runs in total. And I’ve been forced to restart half of them while 4 manning the rest of them. Earlier we had a run where I dc’d (first time ever) and the they went on to 4 man and lost 2 more (to dc’s) before the end. They ended up 2 manning the final boss but really this shouldn’t happen. I realize they are adding a way to get back into the fractals. However the amount of disconnects is really something that needs to be addressed. It’s not even that we are having internet issues on our ends, its the game client that’s having these issues. It’s excessive to say the least and needs to be addressed.

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Hello Vauleen,

the team is aware of this and they are currently addressing it. Here I leave you a link to a bigger thread about this issue.

We proceed to close this one.
Thanks for your understanding.