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I done with this game based on one issue. The fact that I disconnect becuase i live int he kittening bonnies and kitten internet is all i can get. This is not my issue though the main issue is that ill run my level 10 fractal daily only to have my internet take a complete kitten on me and DC me. Now I dont’t mind the fact you make us farm out way to level 10 and 20 to get the good items that is quite fun but the fact that i can’t progress becuase some times my internet fails me is just kitten me off. I was just wondering when you guys are gonna fix it ( assumeing you can even fix the problem). So that i know when to come back to play the game with out fear that my internet is gonna Screw me out of getting and ascended ring.

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Hello there, Dance Monkey:

as already stated in the very last part of the article (and I am copying and pasting here): “The goal is to allow everyone to play together and make partying less restrictive for everyone. We plan to ship these two features at the end of January”.

We close the thread now. Thanks for your patience and understanding.