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Can not login

Anyone can tell me how to solve it?

Thx a lot

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Hi Weifan – This is an issue that we’re currently looking into. In order for us to better assist you with this issue I would recommend creating a technical support ticket and attach a Game Advisor report in addition to a log file. You can create the log file by following the steps below:

First, please run Guild Wars 2 using the -log command below. This will generate a log file of what is happening when you attempt to run the game. To do this:

1. Locate your Guild Wars 2 shortcut

2. Right-click and select “Properties.”

3. In the “Target” line, add -log to the end.

Note: Please make sure-log is outside of the quotes:

Correctly Formatted Example: “C:\Games\Guild Wars 2\GW2.exe” -log

Incorrectly Formatted Example: “C:\Games\Guild Wars 2\GW2.exe -log”

4. Run Guild Wars 2, if you’re experiencing errors or crashes please run until the error or crash occurs.

Once completed, a file called “GW2.log” will be generated in your “Documents” folder under the “Guild Wars 2” folder.

You can also refer to this thread below for more information on creating a support ticket: https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/support/tech/How-to-Submit-a-Technical-Support-Ticket-2/first#post3957