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I was told if I put in a ticket I might be able to get a token refund for an item I accidentally bought a few days ago.

Normally I wouldnt care about frivolous spending of dungeon tokens but it was 330 Arah tokens for a chest piece. Arah tokens take alot of time to get because of how long some of the paths are.

Could I get a refund?

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Yes, there is a confirmation process for spending tokens. It was designed to give players a second chance to back out of a mis-click, just as you are required to input a character’s name and click through, again, to delete a character.

The process seems well-designed to me. And I confess, in my years of playing Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, I’ve sold things in error, binned (deleted) something, salvaged when I didn’t intend to, etc.. (Not on a regular basis, but sure, over the year’s it has happened.) And each time, it was my fault and my inattention, not something I would expect the devs to reverse, nor something I’d expect them to add a third layer of confirmation to prevent.

I accept that I wasn’t paying attention and that I “own” my mistake. I feel that each of us needs to do that, even as much as it’s a painful learning process when it happens. It’s painful, but it’s avoidable, and the answer is to slow down just a second, take the time to review the purchase /sale / trade/ whatever, and all will be well.