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This morning during WvW playing with my brother suddenly his account was disconnected, and during the login attempt the message says that ‘The account has been terminated due to botting, extended unattended play, using macros, or similar behavior.’ and below it states that the account closure is permanent. We both confused and frustrated why did it happen while he did not use any macros or even botting. We played normally everyday with a long extended hours of game play since it is in the holiday season. We do not understand why A-Net ban him for what he did not do. We both believe it is a mistake as much as he is the victim in this case, and he asked me to post this matter in forum since he unable to log in into the forum as well. It would be very very much appreciated if this case is solved in a quick manner if possible.

This is my brother’s info on his banned ID:

ID: Hyonzan.4821
Ticket: #121222-000221
Submitted: 22/Dec/2012

Your response and assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated and we hope to hear the news from you guys soon, and thank you very very much in advance.

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Because mistakes happen and getting thanked for doing your best to correct the mistakes encourages positive behavior more than having a player base that you are resentful towards?

GW2 is a huge game, more than big enough for a team of 50 or 100 support reps to watch every single player and provide a reasonable response to every complaint about cheating, botting, gold selling/buying in addition to their normal support roles. With automated systems you get the advantage of fast response time vs gold sellers, botters, etc but the disadvantage in that the system will sometimes make mistakes. If there were no automated systems, the game would be more overrun with botters, gold sellers, and gold buyers than it already is. The fact that the response time towards mistakes is reasonable is a testament to how decent that ANet support is. Hopefully they will continue to improve on the heuristics that detect unscrupulous players and fake accounts so that us legitimate players don’t have to worry about the consequences of piracy and cheating on the game (like exchange rates tanking or GW2 going away because everyone just buys from gold sellers instead of supporting ANet).

I think you understand the situation quite well. We’re using the automatic review systems in place, expending a lot of effort to improve those systems (they are tweaked very often, to further refine the flags for botting), and we training more agents to monitor issues and getting more agents on board to review appeals of false-positives and get players back into the game as quickly as possible.