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Please help me.

I got banned for error 45 and this is the ticket number for that [Incident: 121218-003017]. I bought a new license and followed the normal process on registering an account. I used the same email address on my old account that was banned. however i keep on getting either error 45 whenever i use the same email i used before (which I also used to register my new account/license) or error 11:1001:2:1298 when Im using the new username that the system approved which is also my new forum name, whenever i try to log in. I have been a good player for gw2. I am hoping that my account issue will be resolved and also, that my mesmer will be returned back to me as what was stated on the initial ticket.

other ticket that i created is this : [Incident: 121221-000099] because no one is helping me.. Please help me.


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Since you posted in the Tickets for Review thread, I’ll update there when I have information.